The official website of RBFX and the home of the RBFX Collection Catalog

The RBFX Prosthetic Collection Catalog is a compilation of makeup prosthetics that were created for the many fast turnaround projects for film, television, commercials and stage. RBFX brings realism and quality with every prosthetic design. Each artist and technician in the staff is a special FX veteran working in the film industry ensuring quality craftsmanship and sought -after products. We carry some of the best makeup prosthetics in the market today, prosthetics are cast in foam latex or encapsulated silicone. All purchasing of RBFX prosthetics are linked through our distributor The Motion Picture F/X Company.

The owner has over 36 years experience in the special makeup FX industry and has contributed to five Oscar awards and seven Oscar nominations since beginning his career in 1987. Created in 2008, RBFX Studio continues to serve hundreds of films and projects nationally and internationally.